tnt's coaching team

Owner | Head Coach Level 3 Coach under Boxing Canada

An experienced former amateur boxer, Joel has fought many Provincial and Canadian champions and has had the privilege to train under both Olympic and professional trainers. This experience contributes to his versatile approach to training. His coaching system has continued to evolve over the past 15 years that has led to Provincial Gold medalists and National champion contenders as well as building a multiple levels based training system for Youth, Adult Technical Boxing, Competitive Boxing and Personal Training Program

Coach | Personal trainer
Level 2 Coach under Boxing Canada

Starting off within the TNT System as a member himself, Dan has grown as a coach by instructing classes, working alongside brand new members, and developing a stable of fighters going to club shows and tournaments. Dan‘s knowledge of the technical side of boxing and his positive attitude helps us as he’s TNT’s main man when it comes to helping build a solid foundation of technical boxing skills with members through the TNT system, our competitive training sessions as well as personal training sessions.


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The TNT Community! With a strong group of fundamentally trained fighters, TNT prides itself on not only developing Boxers, but Leaders. We call upon our base to help out with larger classes to make sure each member gets quality attention and feedback. Big thanks to our volunteers!