adult classes

level 1


Tuesday / Thursday (12:00 & 6:15pm) & Saturday (11:00am)

60 minutes

New to TNT or new to boxing? This is the best choice whether new and experienced to learn the fundamentals of our boxing training system. Participants work both individually and in partners in a non-pressure environment to learn and drill the proper stance, footwork, rhythm & balance, punching technique, and learning to put it all together while working on their fitness.

level 2


Monday / Wednesday / Friday (12:00 & 6:15pm)

60 minutes

This program is the “bread and butter” of the TNT Boxing Training System and builds upon the drills learned in Level 1. More advanced techniques are introduced, and the fundamentals are drilled at a faster pace. A good understanding of the drills in both boxing and exercises from Level 1 is needed to progress to this level. Members of both Levels 2 and 3 train in this program. First, get started with TNT by booking a Level 1 Orientation & Trial Class.

level 3

all ages

Monday / Wednesday / Friday (12:00 & 6:15pm) + Extra Training Days (when applicable)

Competitive / Sparring | Invite Only | 60 – 90 minutes

This program is intended for members who have put in the work and have a good understanding of the training done in the previous levels. Members will engage in advanced partner drills and sparring in this program.