competitive training

Get in the Ring

accomplish your goals

*To enter the competitive program, the prerequisite is to have gone through our Levels program (Levels 1 & 2). This is an invite only program.

Within Levels 1 & 2 you will learn the fundamentals and techniques required in our competitive program and both you and your coach will learn about each other which is an important relationship you’ll need going forward in your competitive career.

All boxing clubs are different in styles and philosophies so important to understand this when deciding to train at TNT.  Whether you have experience or not, our coaches here at TNT want to get to know you both as a person and what you can and can’t do so we can develop a plan in getting you toward accomplishing your goals.

Entrance into our program starts with signing up for classes in our Levels Program or with one of our coaches in our Personal Training Programs. From there we will guide you along the way until you make it into the ring!