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Personal Training


This is your chance to work one-on-one or in small groups with your coach to challenge yourself to meet your goals! Personal training sessions are tailored to each client’s goals.


Technical boxing training PT:  Work on boxing basics, or progress to advanced or competitive skill levels by working closely with one of TNT’s boxing coaches. This is a great way to help members feel more comfortable in class environments by helping them progress through boxing fundamentals more quickly.


Fitness boxing training PT: Get a complete full body workout and learn to punch and move like a boxer without the fear of getting hit!


Strength training PT: Enhance your boxing or sports training with strength and conditioning. Your coach will work with you to meet your strength goals using bodyweight exercises, bands, and free weights.


Pricing packages start at $65/one-hour 1 on 1 session. Semi-Private packages also available starting at $40/one-hour session.  Contact us at to learn about TNT coaches, availability, pricing and scheduling,
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